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Black Stump Festival
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Monday, August 11th, 2008
8:32 pm
I hope this is alright since the community idea was born out of a similar festival.


A new challenge will be set up every week featuring different artists from the Christian music scene. The challenge starts every Monday and you can send in your icons until the following Thursday at 5 pm EST. Voting starts one day later, on Friday and you have time to vote until Saturday 11:00pm EST. The winners will be announced on Sunday.
Thursday, September 21st, 2006
11:38 am
Suggested stump list
Here's my shortlist of things for stump. I haven't put on any of the "Free For All" jazz events yet, or workshops, but these are the bands I'm thinking of seeing. Have I missed much?
It's looking like a pretty good stump, I reckon.

8:00 PM DropZone Improv Open Mic - Drop Zone
8:40 PM Off Broadway Message on the Mount from the Manuscript of Matthew - Cameron Semmens
9:00 PM Supper Club The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement
11:15 PM Village Stage The Middle East
12:00 AM Village Stage Deep Child
12:15 PM The Metro Playjerise
1:30 PM Village Stage Maverick
6:15 PM The Metro Bent Tablespoon
7:00 PM The Palladium Make Poverty History - Breakthru' Artz
8:20 PM Supper Club Maverick
9:05 PM Off Broadway Stanza Bonanza
10:00 PM Big Top Reuben Morgan
10:00 PM DropZone SHUFFLE - Silent Dance Party (byo music) - Drop Zone
12:20 AM The Metro Antiskeptic
12:00 PM Village Stage The Fifth Nation
1:15 PM Supper Club The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement
5:30 PM One World Cafe The Chris Pulsen Trio - Scat
6:25 PM The Metro Revelations
12:45 AM XPRESS Caxton
1:40 AM XPRESS DJ Jez (Indie DJ)
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
2:02 pm
Hey guys

I started a myspace group for blackstump!


for those nerdy enough to have both LJ and Myspace,
Monday, June 26th, 2006
7:28 pm
Blackstump food essentials
+ Deb instant potato
+ Green tea
+ Copious amounts of chocolate
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
9:41 pm

reply if more details needed. You can get there on public transport, it's right near NSW Uni

should be funnnnnn
Friday, October 7th, 2005
9:04 am
I took some photos too.

Not many. But you can look if you like...

Thursday, October 6th, 2005
10:38 pm
10:23 pm
My black stump!
Black Stump.....was AWESOME.

Not only did Crying Out Loud and Sounds Like Chicken get our gnomes, it also didn't rain and I learnt a lot about life, myself, and of course Jesus.

Best bits: The gorgeous weather, seeing Crying Out Loud in the village, the sno cones, gettng my foot plastered, seeing a variety of music, hearing Andrew Palmer at the Sunday Night Gathering, The Idea of North, Paul Coleman was fantastic too, but especially the workshop held by Zuigia.

Worst bits: Being sick all Saturday night, coldness at night and the lack of frosty fruits in the food hall. 2006 STUMP NEEDS FROSTY FRUITS!!!
Oh and the there was the whole "Come home Monday, work all day Tuesday then on Tuesday night discover you've got chicken pox". Thats always fun.

Many pics soon!

Current Mood: all spotty :(
12:09 pm
Huzzah for the goodness..
Oh how much awesome can you fit into a weekend? And I even got some sleep!!

Music: I found the best bands were those that just went out and had an awesome time. I loved maverick (they just looked so happy and we're having so much fun that I couldn't help but enjoy myself), caxton (so much better than going to see Antiskeptic. so much fun. I love nerds =P) and the wolfes (ok, so I'm a bit biased...) And as always slc. Even though my pants broke/almost fell down and then I got elbowed in the head, bit my tongue and now it has a hole in it.. =/

Stuff to think about: God slips so easily down my priorities, and I take so many things for granted. I have so much, and so many people have so little. I'm challenging myself to do more with what I've been given...

And I just had a great time hanging out with kids and meeting some cool people, and eating chocolate for breakfast, donuts for lunch and coffee for dinner.. mmm.. nutritious

Now I'm sad it's over =(
9:35 am
blackstump!! of course!
Best things: friends! God! Bands! Dancing!

Worst things: Breast jokes! bands! Dust! Smoke!!!

Such an awesome blessing of a weekend!

photos in my lj....
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
10:05 pm

You can get to my photos and stump rant if you click on this link.

I want more stump. I don't know what to look forward to now :(
Only 360 days til Stump!!!

8:51 pm
stump stump stump stump

had a good time, hung out with lots of people, saw bands, ate badly, hardly slept.

Best bands: Wishful Thinking, Caxton, Callous, Amazing Joel Hockey, the Winnie Coopers

Best other stuff: comedy debate pretty funny, walking around and hanging out, red shirt bad boys, double chicken kebab in Lebanese bread, no rain.

Worst stuff: dust! people waking up at 6:00 and being loud and waking me up, food hall being pretty lame and small and not having that much to choose from as usual.

What I learnt: Need to start taking things a bit more serious, not take my salvation for granted, be thankful for the amazing gift of Jesus blood and not be so lame, be a better example to my non Christian friends. Also, should hang out with my Christian friends more often.

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1:57 pm
My First Stump (tm)
I had a great time at Stump. It was so good! :)

Mucho photos in my lj: http://www.livejournal.com/~tibbycat/


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10:07 am
Welcome Friends!
We decided to start an LJ community for Black Stump attendees to discuss their favorite bands, experiences and to share photos etc.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are posting a lot of photos please use the lj-cut command so that it doesn't take up too much space on the screen. This command can be typed into your lj update screen like any other HTML command and will put a link to "read more"

remember to put < > around lj-cut

eg: your lj post will look like this -

Hi had fun at black stump here are some photos
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